About Us

Welcome to Gourmet Delights, by Priestley’s – where our obsession with food is our love language.

We’ve got this love affair with quality ingredients, so every bite feels like a little piece of heaven. We’ve been making desserts since 1996 and are proudly Australian owned and Australian made. To put it simply- we know desserts. We’re always asking, “What’s the next big thing?” because we’re on a mission to surprise and delight you with every single bite.

We think everyone deserves to indulge themselves. But it’s not just about treating yourself; it’s about savouring those moments that you get to yourself. We’re the perfect partner for those me-time moments. Whether you’re picking up one of our divine desserts for a weeknight in, after a Friday night out, or for a lazy Sunday morning, we’ve got you covered. So, choose Gourmet Delights to experience absolute indulgence – from our legendary mud cake to the carrot cake everyone’s raving about and the tarts you won’t be able to resist.

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Add a little delight to your me-time moments. Experience pure, guilt-free indulgence the way it was meant to be.